Deposits, Payments and Refunds

All deposits are Non-refundable

Failing to present a receipt when asking for a refund may result in losing your right to a refund.

Some goods may have to be returned to manufactures for testing before a refund or exchange may be given.

Non Faulty items may not be subject to refunds and the decision to do so rests with the management.

To hold/reserve any animal we require deposit or full payment (with the deposit amount to be decided case by case prior to payment)

Before a deposit/payment is made a time period will be decided between the customer and Ridgeway Exotics in which the animal must be collected.

Failing to collect in this period of time will incur charges. These will be charged to
the customer by the day and run the same as our holiday boarding service charges.
You also risk losing your deposit/payment/animal so that we may recover the costs we incur during the process.

We agree to hold/reserve an animal free of charge from the day of payment/deposit,
for a maximum of 14 days. Longer periods are available at the managers discretion,
but may incur boarding charges for the whole period to be applied at the managers discretion at any point.

Should more than one sale occur on a single animal via different platforms then the decision of who to refund will rest with Management of Ridgeway Exotics. This decision will only in part take in to consideration the time at which the sale started and the time any payment was made.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of any animal.

An animals health is guaranteed for 24 hours after it leaves the store, subject to a full investigation should an issue arise. Failing to provide us with the information we request will void this guarantee. If we find reason from this information that its injury or death was caused by the new owner or their set-up then the guarantee will be void. Should death or abnormalities occur then you must inform the shop as soon as possible. If death or illness occurs after this time then Ridgeway exotics will not be held responsible. However for us to find a way to help you, you should always contact us first for advice. Should the management feel it is necessary we will open an in house investigation in to how best to help you if at all possible.

Listing on our livestock list does not guarantee the animal is in store or still available. Sales happen quickly and data entry errors do occur. For up to date information on animals please call before travel.
Errors can happen with sexing and morph Identification. Should this be discovered before leaving store you you will be entitled to a refund. After the animal leaves store it is the customers responsibility to inform us within 24 hours of the error. Failing to do this the customer loses their right to refund.