Juvenile Crested Gecko Kit

Price: £199.99

Juvenile Crested Gecko Kit includes:

30 x 30 x 45 Vivarium

Shade Dweller Pro T5 UV

Heat Mat

Coir, Moss and Orchid bark Substrate

Spray Bottle

Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Digital Thermometer


Adult Crested Gecko Kit

Price: £309.99

Adult Crested Gecko Kit includes:

45 x 45 x 60 Vivarium

Shade Dweller Pro T5 UV

Ceramic Bulb Holder and Dome

Deep Heat Projector

Thermostat and Digital Thermometer

Coir, Moss and Orchid Bark Substrate

Pump Spray bottle

Natural Vitamins and minerals

Optional Bio Active Upgrade - £80

Bioactive Upgrade - Adult Kit

Price: £80.00

Bioactive Upgrade - Adult Kit includes:

Clay Ball Drainage

Hydro fleece

Natural Enhanced Earth Substrate

Clean Up Crew (£10 worth)

Plant Growth LED Bar

Bio active upgrade

Picture is an example of the 45x45x60 set up

Crested gecko 2

Decoration is not included due to personal preference but is essential

Extras to think about:

-Diet: Gecko formula, bee pollen, insects

-Decor: Live or fake plants, wood, branches, rocks, vines, leaf litter etc

-Security: Cage lock

-Cleaning: Reptile specific disinfectant

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Care Sheets

Crested Gecko Care Sheet