From when we started out with our first chest freezer, to our current full store, we have always prided ourselves on providing high quality goods at affordable prices. We continue to expand our operations and plan to keep supplying high quality foods, both frozen and dry, for many years to come.

The freezers are refilled once every two weeks, and we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading rodent suppliers. We are the only supplier in the UK to pack our frozen rodents with dry ice to ensure your rodents arrive to you in perfect condition. We use 2.5 Tons of dry ice a month!

Our products are well researched and offer the best quality and value for money on the market. We purchase the right products for our animals, from high quality brands such as Habistat and Arcadia, but also sell our own brand products too.

We have become a trusted source of knowledge within the exotics community for many years. Our commitment to great customer service is responsible for our long lasting relationships with customers, many of whom we have been supplying frozen food for years.

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