We care about reptiles

No animal is in transit for more than 3 days. Our drivers are all experienced reptile keepers with the knowledge necessary to take care of them on the road.​

The health of our reptiles is a priority and we take every effort to ensure they get to you as soon as possible, but also as safely as possible. After a luxury ride in the back of our van, they will arrive on your doorstep with a professional keeper who will hand them over to you.

Courier App

How do I apply?

Using our dedicated Facebook page or by downloading our new App which is available on all App stores. Any questions or requests for quotes are rerouted to this page and are answered by dedicated specialists. If you purchase an animal with us and require a courier service, we will be happy to help arrange your delivery.

Bookings done via the App go directly to our courier team and you will receive an email reply with your price, job number and how to pay.

If you have any questions regarding our courier service, please contact the Facebook page, via the courier email rwcourier@yahoo.com or our website http://www.ridgewaycourier.com, please do not contact the shop as they will be unable to assist you.


How do I book in?

All bookings are taken via our new App or by private message on our Facebook page

How often are the courier runs?

We do monthly runs, they usually start the first Monday of the month and run for 1 -3 weeks. Bookings for that run normally close the second to last Thursday of the month at noon to allow us 2 weeks to plan and get time slots out 

How much is each booking and is that cost per animal?

Prices start from £50 depending on locations. If you are sending or receiving multiple animals from one place then a small amount may be included in the one-off fee, depending on the volume of animals. If you are wanting to transport multiple or large species please let the staff member know when getting your quote so we can adjust accordingly. If you want to add more animals to the order please inform us before pick up so we can make the required changes. This may incur further charges or mean the refusal to take the additions due to the space requirements of others. 

Do you cover Scotland?

We have now increased our Scotland runs to every month! We will not be covering the whole of Scotland, we will complete drops in the South of Scotland and will have a central meeting point for the locations that are not covered. Please contact the Ridgeway courier Facebook page to find out more Scotland details. 

Do you do trips to mainland Europe?

Yes, however since Brexit the border controls and livestock movement requirements from the EU and UK government are forever changing. The current situation is extremely fluid. For more up to date information regarding European runs please contact the courier Facebook Page 

How long will my animal have to stay in transit?

We aim to keep animals on board for the minimal amount of time possible. We plan our runs so that animals are delivered within 48 hours, 72 hours for Scotland and hard to reach areas. Our driving routes are meticulously planned to try and get animals to their new homes as quickly as possible. ​

How will my animal be transported?

We have multiple state of the art vans, all fully kitted out with heated units. Each van has multiple different units, each one is able to be set to a different temperature, ensuring we can keep your reptile in ideal conditions! Snakes need to be put into a clean, secure snake bags or tub, and lizards, tortoises etc, will need to be in a secure and appropriately sized tub. Please remember, your animal does not need lots of space to travel; a slightly smaller container is better to prevent too much moving about. Multiple animals must not be housed in the same tub.

How do I know my animal will be safe?

We are a fully insured and regulated animal transporter company. Our vans are kitted out specifically for reptiles; all members of staff working within Ridgeway Courier are experienced in keeping a huge variety of animals. If you have an unusual species travelling with us, we would be more than happy to have a chat with you about how your animal will be cared for whilst in transit with us! We do not shy away from any species; we transport everything from dart frogs to retics!

Who supplies the travel accommodation in transit?

The customer always supplies the tub or bag. You will be responsible for supplying the correct and suitably sized secure tub or bag. Unfortunately, if we arrive and the animal can not be handed over in the correct secure tub or bag, then we have the right to refuse it. All animals must be clearly marked with their job number and the number of animals assigned to that job number. If you are at all unsure of the required transport enclosure, please speak to a member of the team well in advance.

I’m receiving orders from multiple orders from different destinations. Will there be a discount and will they arrive together?

The simple answer is no. We have to treat every job number as separate and as such charge accordingly. To maintain our unique 48hr minimum transit time, we may come to your address multiple times if you have deliveries from multiple places.

Will you check the animals before you accept them for transport?

Yes, we will require access to the animals. While they need to be secure in the transport containers, we must also be able to see and check the animal before it is loaded. Should the animal show any signs of ill health or mites, we will refuse to take it for the sake of your animal and the other customer’s animals in transit with us.