Animal Holiday Boarding

One of the many services we offer here at Ridgeway is a boarding facility. Your animal will be set up in its own full equipped enclosure and cared for by our wonderful and attentive staff for the duration of its stay. All you need to do is book in advance, turn up with your animal and leave it all to us, then enjoy your holiday. Theres no need to bring you pets enclosure or food, its all provided by us as part of the service.

Holiday Boarding Terms, Conditions, Pricing and Guidance.
Snakes £5.00 per day
Lizards, Amphibians & Tortoises £8.00 per day
Plus a £10 one of fee per enclosure per boarding period
For example, 1 Bearded dragon staying for 10 Days. 10x £8.00 = £80 plus the £10.00 enclosure fee. Total £90.00
If you have multiple animals and/or animals able to live safely in the same enclose
or if it is a booking of longer than 14 days please ask for a bespoke pricing. As a
reduction in charges may be possible at the Managers discretion.
Some large or aggressive or specialist animals may not be able to be housed and a
bespoke price will be given at time of booking if we can find a way to accommodate.
Price includes: Space in our enclosures, full heating and lighting, Food as required and water.
Your animal will be checked daily by a member of staff who will give it all the
husbandry it needs. Including food, water, cleaning and a brief health check.
We should be made aware of any special conditions at the point of booking.
Should we find the animal in poor health at the time of arrival we reserve the right to not accept it.
We only accept drop off and pick ups during our opening hours
10.30-6.00 Mon-Fri
10.00-6.00 Sat
10.30-5.00 Sun
Payment in full is paid for in advance or on the day of drop off.
If your pre-booked days change please notify us as quickly as possible.
A £10 Deposit is required to book per animal. This will only be refundable up until 14
days before drop off. If you cancel booking with in the 14 the deposit will not be refundable.
You may pick up before your pre-booked pick up time. However there will be no refund for days not used.
Late pick ups we be charged by the day. If you don’t return with in 14 days of pick
up and we have not received a phone call to explain the lateness we will re-home your animal.
Should we find the animal in poor health after its drop off, we will attempt to contact
you on the number you provide. In the event we can’t contact you we will either
attempt the appropriate care for the circumstance or take it to a vet, the fee for
which you, the Owner will be a liable for. If an animal dies in our care we will
presume you would rather not be told while enjoying your holiday unless you state
otherwise. We (Ridgeway Exotics) Accepts no responsibility for anything that
should happen to your animal while in our care and the animal is left entirely at your own risk.
Only over 16’s may drop off an animal.
By leaving your animal with us we presume you understand these clearly displayed instruction/ Terms and conditions and agree with them fully.

Bearded Dragon, Pogona vitticeps 2