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Why use us?

We love what we do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. Our team of specialists can answer any questions you may have, as we are all specialists in different areas of exotics. We really do care about our animals, and we aren’t prepared to sell to people unless they are fully aware of their needs. It’s our job to make sure you know how to give your new reptile the best life possible.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to a set up or giving the right advice – we want the animal to thrive not just survive. We offer a setup and design built for the long term wellbeing of your reptiles. We research all the items we use and make sure we can offer the best deal and decision for you.

As well as general care, we offer more in-depth advice on how you can adapt your current setup and save money when bringing your new reptile home. We even help with the little things, like changing a tank shape or creating a more stimulating environment for your new animal.

Our inhouse courier service allows us to transport hundreds of reptiles across the country every month. Wherever you’re based, if you see an animal you’re interested in then give us a call. Our specialist couriers are trained keepers and will drop your new reptile at your front door.

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We are regularly stocked up and will almost always be able to supply what you need for your reptiles.

Care Sheets

With every animal we sell, we offer advice on how to give them the best life.

Set Ups

We offer equipment for your home set up that your new animal will love. Whether it’s hard to find livestock or high quality enclosures – we’ve got you covered.

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Got a question?

We can help. If you’re visiting our store or making an appointment to view an exotic reptile, our team will be on hand to answer any questions you have regarding the animal, food or enclosures. If you’d rather give us a call, press the button below!